A modern, boutique studio environment located in Memphis, Tennessee. Owned by Greg and Sarah Langston, specializing in music recording and production, all to deliver the very best service and amenities for today’s signed artists and independent musicians.

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High quality audio produced in an ideal environment with professional guidance and engineering using state of the art equipment.
(Singles, EP's: 3-5 songs or Full Albums: 6-12 songs)


Mix recorded tracks, define and polish your sound, master mixes to industry standard.


Greg and Sarah teach everything from vocals, guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, songwriting, music theory, acting, stage presence, and choreography. At the end of every year they put on a concert (optional) to showcase everything the students have been working and growing on to reach their goals.


Arranging the structure of songs, writing lyrics, and composition for any genre.


Connect the artist to radio, social media setup, show preparation and organization, show booking, and more. Strive to help people master their crafts and become professional musicians.


• Photography
• Music Videos
• Branding and Design (logos, single/album cover art, digital EPKs, merchandise, websites, graphics)



Greg and Sarah began building their studio after their wedding in 2017. Greg and Sarah are first and foremost songwriters, and they wanted a place where they could take their music to the next level. They understand that having a song is only half the battle. You have to record it, and produce it. They began building a place where they could take a song from beginning to end, and have a quality sound that rivals anything you hear on the radio. They built their studio from the ground up to sound great and function as a place for music lessons as well. They record their own originals for film and television and other various projects. One of their biggest passions is Artist Development. Here at Langston Studios we not only offer to record, produce and mix your singles, EP’s, and full length albums but also help you get your music out there, protect your music and help you keep developing as an artist.

Sarah was on NBC The Voice, Season 4 Top 7. Audiences reacted strongly to Sarah’s six octave range and uncanny ability to adapt to practically any genre of music. Though she didn’t win, the exposure has been its own reward and her first full-length album, Freedom, released August 26th, 2016. Following that Sarah and her band went on tour with the album for 9 months. Sarah and her husband Greg write and release music monthly for their fans and towards film and television. Before Sarah went onto the Voice, she went to college for 6 years. First college she attended was University of Mobile. Here she was classically trained, vocally. She then transferred to a music college where she took Vocal, Worship Leadership and Songwriting.  Sarah has over 15 years of experience writing, recording, performing and teaching music. Sarah not only loves to push herself but to push others to be their best.
Greg has been performing music since age 11 starting with tenor saxophone. Soon after he found the guitar music really began to take over his life. He ended up attending Visible Music College where he received his bachelors in 2013. Both during and after college Greg played in and helped to form 4 very different bands, two of which he is still involved with. This is when he started to discover his love for recording. He has recorded two full length albums, 5 EPs, and dozens of singles of his own personal music and collaborations, and with their own studio there is no sign of slowing down. Not only do he and his wife record their own original music, but Greg enjoys producing and recording music for local and national artists. In addition to all of this, Greg is studying music production online with Berklee College of Music believing that one should always be a student, and be constantly learning. Greg continues to study guitar, but has also added bass guitar, drums, and keyboard to his practice regiment giving him a deeper understanding of how different elements in a great song fit together.  With help from his amazing wife’s vocal ability combined with all the latest audio recording and editing technology he is confident that he can make any song come to life, and be the best it can be.
Taryn is a visual brand identity designer that specializes in strategic personal branding. Her clients have ranged from corporate to creative, with a diverse range that reaches numerous mediums and audiences. With ten years of experience and thriving in the industry since 2012, Taryn started her own business as a freelance designer in 2015 due to high demand of clients, and went on to receive a silver ADDY award in 2016 for brand integrity. Taryn's work has caught the eye of names like Iliza Schlesinger and Bishop Briggs, as well as advertising agencies due to her unique style and understanding of what makes a design work. She takes her design process to the core by creating a brand that isn't just visually appealing, but that will bring success to any project. When she's not creating stunning projects, Taryn offers mentorship opportunities to aspiring designers and keeps a blog about creative authenticity. To learn more, visit her website.
In 1994, Kevin joined his father's established business, L. Nix Mastering. Kevin helped usher in the new era of modern music along with fresh ears and ideas. As the business grew and internet became a more significant part of reaching clients all over the world, Kevin realized that educating his clients was an essential step that was often missed in the industry. He compares having a mastering engineer completing your music vs. someone running it through a mastering program to a race car driver. Race cars are built equally, but the expertise of the driver is what wins the race. Kevin prides himself in making the process easy and straightforward as possible for his clients. To learn more, visit his website.


Sarah and Greg are always working on their own original music. To listen to their available releases, visit their website
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